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Beware of this ***!!! They lie and trick you into switching to their long distance service by saying that they actually ARE your local phone provider (AT&T in my case) and charge you various fees when the process is complete (even if you wish to cancel it immediately).

Beware of this ***!!! They lie and trick you into switching to their long distance service by saying that they actually ARE your local phone provider (AT&T in my case) and charge you various fees when the process is complete (even if you wish to cancel it immediately).

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They called yesterday with the same info saying this would be automatic and they were the long distance provider for at&t.First off if it's automatic, why call me?

She said the info would be in my bill which just came as well. She was way off on my long distance charge. I just asked for a call back number and said I would get conformation from at&t.

That's when she hung up.:grin


I just had the exact same thing happen to me, though I have Verizon. He was livid and hung up on me when I told him I wasn't interested...


I just got a call from them.They said they were calling because Centurylink wants to switch over to Long Distance America for long distance services and the FCC requires a phone verification.

I thought it was weird cause we don't have Centurylink. She said that it's only for Arizona and it goes through Centurylink because they do the line services.

Before the rep switched me over for verification, I told her that I would need to talk with my parents first before doing anything so she stopped there.I did some googling and found this site.

Since I didn't say "yes" to anything, we should be ok right?


American Select did the same thing to me.They were still billing me even though I have Fios.

They do allow third party billing it's on my bill in black and white I am waiting for my refund.I 'll be surprised if I ever receive one.


This is the biggest scam.They have the rudest people working for them.

I called to cancel service and I spoke to Jessica, George and the so-called supervisor Britney.Watch out for these people, they are scam artist just collecting your money.


I went to the website and got nothing about the phone service that long distance america said i would find on this site.

Also i called the phone no.they gave me for customer service and got a non-professional, "no one can answer your call at this time", a legitimate co.

would give,even in an automated answering service, their followed by company service hours and perhaps other brief info. I believe this is bogus.

I am contacting my phone co.tomorrow to get this mistake straightened out!!!


I was told that I was speaking with someone from Verizon (my phone service provider), and never once did they say "Long Distance America".I was told that my phone bill could be cut in half given that I rarely use it.

It's true that I rarely use my land line, but my phone bill increased by 40% immediately upon switching.How pathetic that companies like this are allowed to operate in the United States.


Addendum: Although there are others in our telemarketing room who would make you think otherwise, I have always been clear that I am simply representing an alternative long-distance carrier that has (through USBI) a billing agreement simply consolidating our charges with the local phone company's bill.Many reps will give you the serious impression that they are calling with your local phone company - a practice which I detest - but the fact is that it's just an alternative long distance carrier that has an agreement with the local service provider to allow USBI billing consolidation on the phone bill.

As I mentioned earlier - for some folks I believe that alternative long distance carriers can be cheaper.I just don't like the way *some* reps tend to "sell" it.


I recently took on a job at a call center telemarketing for Long Distance America, Online Savings, etc., being billed by USBI.What I was told was that these companies in many circumstances save folks a few dollars a month assuming they're using an old-school land-line and making long-distance calls.

I was told that the companies I am marketing for charge a $5.95 long-distance access fee (and I remember back in the old Bellsouth days this fee was much higher) and that the rates are 9.9 cents per minute for the U.S. and Canada. We DO require an independent recorded verification of the switch of long-distance carrier providers. I take great pains to explain in detail to the prospects that I have spoken to exactly (to the best of my knowledge) what is going on and what will happen.

However, in order to make quotas, I have heard reps in my own telemarketing room misleading people to believe that AT&T is dropping their long-distance carrier & that if they don't sign up with (insert long distance carrier name here) that they will lose their long distance service by March 1. In my opinion, some folks wanting to make quotas mislead people in order to get the "sale", whereas others (who don't misrepresent intentionally and actually describe what is going on) typically don't make quota. For myself, I'm quitting the job. Being honest regarding the transaction IS getting me some honest people switching carriers because it is advantageous for them - but frankly I will...

If I had more information as to what exactly the changes made are to someone's phone bill I would have had better information to provide prospective customers. I lament the fact that the sales pitch (while technically legal) tends to make it sound to the consumer as if they have no choice but to switch carriers - but of course "how it sounds" is largely up to the telemarketer speaking to you and what their scruples are.

I can't say that it's a scam - only that I have some reservations as to how the telemarketing industry behind it tends to encourage phone reps to make what is (to me) less than an honest "sales pitch" in order to make quotas (or more than minimum wage).Seems to me is that it is those people who tend to give the whole thing a bad taste in people's mouths.

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Just got off phone after spending a good part of an hour with rep 7527 from Long Distance America.These people arte quite good at what they do to get you to sign up with them.

They even told me that they represented my phone company Verizon which is not my provider. I was informed that I would save upto 40%. I went along with answering clearly YES as I was instructed to do when transferred to their verification dept. It sounded so professional until I was told that there might be a charge to switch over to them.

I asked WHY a short time later, they disconnected. I got this phone number off my caller ID CCC (248)415-4453.

I called it back mechanically answered " Customer Care Center, we are unable to answer at the present time.If you would like to place on our do not call list,say so...I am totally disgusted with these high pressure,tricky, misleading or even lying sales tactics that I feel should be considered a misdemeanor and treated as such by Federal Govt Agencies:(

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